Little Forest Folk

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This is a book with a mission. A mission to help parents get their little ones into loving and caring for the outside world. For the sake of their mental health, their physical health and – ultimately – the good of the planet too.

There’s a whole world of fun, just beyond our doorsteps…

Natural play can do wonders for our kids – helping them to feel calmer and happier, fostering creativity and critical thinking, encouraging self-confidence and increasing their resilience to life’s challenges. But in our modern world sometimes we need a reminder to slow down and just play outside with our kids, ignoring the temptation to overschedule and overspend.

Little Forest Folk is full of ideas for simple and fun outdoor activities – from bug hotels to potion making, leaf-painting to adventure walks – all designed to help parents and children to love natural world together, in any kind of outdoor space and whatever the weather.

Let’s give our children the childhood they deserve. These will be the memories that last.

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