FC Medium Habotai Scarf

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These beautiful, translucent 100% habotai silk scarves with hand rolled hems feature stunning, art-inspired designs. Each scarf measures 59in x 14in. See below for individual scarf descriptions. As of July 2024 we have the Cezanne Flower Bouquet, Jane Austen, Mackintosh Peonies, Morris Cray, Morris Cream Fruit, Poppies, Still Life, and Van Kessel varieties in stock. 


Cezanne Flower Bouquet: A bold floral scarf inspired by a still life of flowers by the French painter Paul Cézanne.

Jane Austen: A subtle cream colored habotai silk scarf featuring simple flower motifs and quotes from the works of the Hampshire born English author Jane Austen.

Mackintosh Peonies: A beautiful floral scarf featuring the work of Scottish artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Morris Cray:  Based on a William Morris pattern originally designed in 1884 at Merton Abbey, this scarf features a variety of pink flowers on a dark blue background.

Morris Cream Fruit: Derived from one of the earliest William Morris designs from 1864, this scarf features pomegranates hanging from an overflowing tree on a cream background. 

Poppies: An eye-catching silk scarf featuring vibrant red poppies. 

Still Life: Stand out in this richly colored floral scarf. Photo coming soon. 

Out of Stock - Van Brueghel: This habotai silk scarf features a floral design after a still life work entitled "Flowers in a Wooden Vessel" 1605/06 by the Flemish painter Jan Brueghel the Elder. 

Van Kessel: Featuring the work of 17th century Flemish artist Jan Van Kessel, this lovely floral scarf will have you making plans to spend time in the garden. Photo coming soon. 

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