FC Chiffon Scarf

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Made of 100% silk feather-light chiffon and with hand-rolled hems, this beautiful, art-inspired scarves are sure to make a statement. Each scarf measures 71in x 22in. See below for individual scarf descriptions. As of June 2024 we have the Dutch Tulips, Mackintosh Pinks, and Van Os Fruits varieties in stock. 


Dutch Tulips: A wine red and rich yellow tulip patterned scarf from a 16th century Dutch flower painting.

Kimono Crane: Derived from a Japanese kimono this silk chiffon scarf features subtle pastel hues and stylized Red-crowned cranes. 

Mackintosh Pinks: A silk scarf featuring a pattern of carnations in soft pinks and grays by Glasgow artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Monet Tulips: A silk chiffon scarf of distinct red tulips and soft pastel shades created from a painting by Claude Monet. 

Mucha Ruby: A silk scarf with a pattern of bright red poinsettias by Czech art nouveau artist, Alphonse Mucha, from his Precious Stones series. 

Van Os Fruits: A silk chiffon scarf featuring still life flowers in the typical Dutch style of the mid 18th century by the artist Jan van Os. 

Wheatfield: A silk chiffon scarf in pale blues and aquas after a sky detail from one of post-impressionist Vincent Van Gogh's wheat field paintings. 

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