Bees: A Honeyed History

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One part science, one part cultural history, and countless parts fascination, Bees: A Honeyed History is a picture book that celebrates the important role that these intriguing insects have played in our ecosystem throughout the ages, and today.

“Goes beyond the scientific (anatomy, pollination, communication, etc.) to include the bee’s place in history and culture . . . Socha has created what is quite possibly the sweetest resource on honey bees around.” ―Booklist (Starred Review)

From Athena to Alexander the Great and from Egypt to Ethiopia, author Piotr Socha explores different methods of beekeeping and uncovers the debt that humans owe this vital species. His beautiful guide for children offers full-color two-page topical entries dominated by large, detailed illustrations with text running along the lower half of the pages. It covers:

  • Bee bodies and behavior
  • Hive building
  • Social roles
  • Pollinating and honey production
  • The relationship between bees and prehistoric people, ancient Greeks, and Egyptians
  • And many other topics
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