Backyard Bugs: A Shine-A-Light Book

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How many amazing bugs live in your backyard? Shine a light behind the page and see... 

Explore the miniature world of wonderful creatures right on your doorstep-hiding under logs, buzzing by flowers, and leaping into ponds. Discover the clever tricks of the long-legged wolf spider, learn why a snail leaves a trail of slime, and reveal the secrets of your local wildlife. 


From a humble earthworm wriggling in the soil, to a spider spinning its strong, sticky web, to an enchanting moth taking flight in the moonlight, this book explores the much beloved non-fiction subject of bugs! Readers will meet a cast of familiar creepy crawlies as well as learn about bug habitats, bodies, diets, and behaviors. Backyard Bugs is a gentle introduction to a fascinating world that readers can go on to explore in their own yards and neighborhoods after reading the book. The educational, bite-sized facts and fun shine-through mechanism work together to create an adventure on every page.

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