AM Mixed Metal Earrings

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Inspired by his childhood in the British countryside, Alex Monroe designs jewelry featuring scenes of nature. Each piece is responsibly handcrafted in England from sterling silver and 22ct gold plating. See below for individual style details.


Big Daisy: The Big Daisy earrings feature 0.6" diameter daisies made of individually hand cut sterling silver petals around a 22ct gold plated center on approximately 1 ¼” hooks.

Daisy with Bee: These earrings feature a pair of sweet bees waiting to pollinate handcrafted earrings. The earrings measure approximately ¾” long.

Little Daisy: A smaller, stud version of the Big Daisy earrings, these dainty daisies measure approximately 0.4” in diameter.

Posy Bloom Bee: A pair of buzzing bees dangle below a cluster of delicate flowers on these 1” long earrings.

Posy Bloom Hoop: These 1” diameter hoop earrings are sure to make a statement, featuring a gorgeous flower wreath in sterling silver and 22ct gold plated.

Strawberry Patch: A gorgeous garden scene dangles from delicate daisies on these subtle statement earrings measuring approximately 2” long.

Tiny Bird: These earrings feature a pair of 22ct gold plated birds perched on sterling silver loops measuring about ½” in diameter.

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