Sculpture of William Edmondson 2021

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This book was published in conjunction with the 2021 exhibit "The Sculpture of William Edmondson: Tombstones, Garden Ornaments, and Stonework," the first large-scale look at Edmondson's work in 20 years. The exhibit and this book draw on new scholarship that puts Edmondson's work in the context of Nashville history as well as art history. Cheekwood's Curator-at-Large, Marin R. Sullivan, curated the exhibit and wrote this new book. Also featured are essays by art historians and Nashville historians including Learotha Williams Jr., Renee Ater, Kela B. Jackson, Anne Monahan, Ellen Macfarlane and Betsy Phillips. The book is soft-bound and measures 9 x 12 x 3/4 inches.

This book is a great companion to The Art of William Edmondson, which is a comprehensive catalog of his work, as well as sets of postcards and notecards--all available on this site.

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