Between Flights

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Between Flights is the personal memoir of Sigourney Woods Cheek, written shortly before her death to cancer in 2010. Siggy was a much-loved friend to many in the Nashville community and dear to the heart of Cheekwood.  She became a published author late in life after she was diagnosed with cancer, and her book, Patient Siggy, provided hope and healing to many, including the over 1,000 cyberspace friends she made during her battle with cancer.

In her last years of battling the insidious form of leukemia known as Richter's Syndrome, she was more robust and engaged in life than ever as "Patient Siggy." Her emergence as a skilled author and cyberspace guru was truly remarkable and a blessing that gave her the strength to rise each morning with optimism and meaning. Round after round of chemo, hair loss, intrusive needles, energy depletion, hospital stays and loss of familiar routines did not diminish the passion and spirit of this bold larger-than-life woman. Follow her inspiring story in Between Flights.

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