Bee Who Spoke

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In The Bee Who Spoke, we are introduced to Belle, an adventurous and inquisitive eleven-year-old girl who lives in Paris. For her summer vacation, she travels with her family to the Ardèche countryside to visit her grandparents. When she arrives she is given a bicycle so that she may explore the glorious outdoors. Belle sets out riding and, being bold and ever curious, ventures farther and farther from her grandparent’s house. Suddenly, disaster strikes: Belle falls from her bicycle and realizes that she is lost. Fortunately, she is found and befriended by a talking bee, who, while guiding Belle safely back to her grandparent’s house, introduces her to the plants and animals that are around her and calmly and wisely describes the beauty that can be found in nature. Belle sees the world with fresh eyes and knows that she will never see the environment around her in the same way. With its engaging story, beautiful illustrations, and environmental theme, the story of Belle and the Bee will enchant and entertain young readers and spur their curiosity about nature. This is the vibrant first tale in a series of children's stories that explore the wonder and harmony of the natural world.

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