As Southern As It Gets

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Full of small towns and sparkling cities, this welcoming area invites all who visit to put your feet up, have a glass of iced tea in a mason jar and reminisce on some of the most wonderful things in the South. Written by true Southern gentleman H. Jackson Brown Jr., As Southern As It Gets is a charming book of lists—a celebration of all things Southern that will charm and delight anyone who was raised south of the Mason-Dixon or who wish they lived there. 

Recall the tastes, sounds, and beauty of Southern treasures such as: juicy Georgia peaches in July, glorious changing leaves on the Natchez Trace, a steaming cup of gumbo from New Orleans, and the smooth, soulful voice of Patsy Cline. From Music Row in Nashville, to Daytona Beach in Florida, and Charleston to New Orleans, As Southern As It Gets will remind you of why we Southerners so love our home. 

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